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fspn is the Faith + Sports Programming Network, with the mission of providing safe yet creative content for all ages to enjoy across all genres, presenting positive role models and good character in sports and entertainment, engaging our world with encouraging stories that inspire people in their daily decisions to “be a light” and positive influence in this world.

fspn is a unique broadcast media non-profit company with the vision for “filling the gap” between traditional sports media with faith-based content, engaging viewers and audiences with broadcast quality, high-profile interviews and creative programming talking with athletes, coaches and entertainers about their faith, family, friends, sports and life as well as entertaining programming that supports the truth of good values in our community and global citizenship.

Our team is deeply committed to integrity and character, and we’re experienced in sports/TV broadcasting, feature films, writing, producing and directing endearing works of art through visual storytelling.


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Our Team

Pro Football Players and Coaches give positive feedback on fspn!

  • “This is not about football. It's about faith, framed by football and some of the game's greats who demonstrate that there is much more to their lives than Xs and Os and blocks and tackles.”

    Vic Carucci
    Bills/NFL Writer, SiriusXM NFL Radio host
    Former Senior Columnist, NFL.com
  • “It is gratifying in this day of shock journalism to read about athletes and coaches who are striving each day to be good teammates, family men, and contributors to their communities. Their stories are engaging, inspirational and remind of the privilege I had of playing my NFL career under the tutelage of Coach Landry, who taught all his players to be better men.”

Roger Staubach
    Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame Quarterback
  • “Here are things that matter: If I can’t trust you off the field, if you’re not accountable in the community, it’s going to rub off.  I’m not going to force you to be this way, but if you want to be on this team then you have to do it.”

    Head Coach Tony Dungy
    Colts Super Bowl XLI Champion
  • “Fans want to peer under the curtain, they want to know who we are as people, I think any TV Outlet that gives guys the opportunity to truly be who they are and share what their all about without any reservations..… One more outlet, especially when it comes to faith and a place where fans can learn more about you, I think is always a good thing.”

    Kurt Warner
    NFL Network / Super Bowl MVP
  • “I really believe that’s where our team’s greatest strength (togetherness) comes from, they know that, they have come to appreciate that, they have witnessed that, the power that comes from giving yourself to others. I believe that’s what this team is all about.”

    Pete Carroll
    Super Bowl Super Bowl Champion Head Coach- Seattle Seahawks
  • “Whether it is character, family or football, (the fspn team) can relate to and properly share these stories of men who quietly leave a legacy that does not seek recognition or fame. The selfless attributes that sold out athletes represent will cause many to understand why football is America’s favorite sport.”

David Tyree,
    Former NY Giants XLII Super Bowl Champion
  • “My dad had two core values; to treasure relationships, and to make a meaningful difference in the world in a positive way. We do it against the back drop of sports, which gives us more power because of the role modeling.  That’s ultimately what we’re here for.”

    Leigh Steinberg / Sports Agent
    Inspiration for the Movie “Jerry McGuire\\"

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