With 8 Emmys Awards and 34 nominations, Jess is known for building successful media teams and championing significant visual storytelling efforts through innovative programming and strategic business initiatives.  In the broadcast television field, Jess’ clients include all the major networks such as MTV, ESPN, PBS, Discovery Channel, and A&E.  He has produced and directed major sports programming at events such as the Olympics, World Cup Skiing, Grand Prix/NASCAR racing, and the NFL Super Bowl.

Jess serves with Athletes in Action as their Director of Broadcast/Sports Media.  As Founder and Executive Producer, Jess led all of the creative and business efforts for Seven Days in Utopia, raising the necessary completion funding for the inspirational major motion picture featuring Academy Award winners Robert Duvall and Melissa Leo, which garnered Movieguide®’s “Teddy Award” and the 2012 Templeton Foundation’s Nomination for Most Inspirational Movie of the Year.  In 2013, Jess served as one of the exclusive advisors on The Bible mini-series by Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor, Shark Tank, The Voice) and Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) and on their Son of God movie as well.   Jess has served as an outreach advisor helping market projects such as the VeggieTales Netflix series In The House.  Jess moved to Colorado to build a TV network from scratch, building three cables channels broadcasting on Comcast 24/7, overseeing all the business and creative programming efforts.  As Founder/GM, Jess led the DC8-Network to winning the 2004 “Best Station” Emmy Award over all the network affiliates with an annual budget of $1.2M.  Jess was honored with the Henry F. Bohne Award by the Media Communications Association International for “significant contributions in the field of television production.”  Speaking on the thoughts of leading fspn, Jess says “We’ve been doing this kind of programming regularly for the past 10-15 years, and we’ve literally seen people’s lives changed as a result of hearing athletes talk about their faith and giving back.  Creating and sharing content that allows for people to hear these athletes stories is an amazing legacy for our families, our children and the world.” IMDB link: